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Wander's NFT gallery

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

To show the story of Wander, the artist and founder CheeseTalk, created a series of NFTs. The income from them supports the development of Wander herself.

Most of them are made based on her travelogues. If you share your journey with Wander on social media like Twitter, you may get a chance to turn your journey into a CG.

Followings are in early to late.

Shenzhen the Whale City

Sold in 1,0000 CNY in Poly Auction 2021

Wander[001] Opening

Sold in 0.732 ETH on TopBidder

Kubuchi Dessert

Sold in 0.4 ETH on Foundation

Hongkong in 4295


In Terminal

Sold in 0.33 ETH on Foundation

Mid Autumn fetival

Sold in 0.35 ETH on OpenSea

Christmas 2022

Airdrop gifts for members in discord. Send on OBJKT.

Watch through ten thousands eyes

Collected by Brionic for 2.5 ETH on OpenSea

Computer History

Wander's Computer History is a special ongoing collection of interactive scenes, generated through her travelogues. As a modern AI agent, she will visit important places in computer history in future.

The collector will receive the interactive program to freely walk around. Also, support VR mode.

Computer History 01 - Difference machine

Sold on for 4,0000 CNY on Poly Auction. Minted on Mintverse

Computer History 02 - Tabulating machine

Sold on for 1.996 ETH on SuperRare


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