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Visit the future earth with AI

Open-world interactive fiction based on chatbot


Wander [001] is a multi-media public art project based on AI chatbot.

Wander is an female android that traveling on the future earth.

On Discord, participants can send messages to Wander of any real-world locations, and she would visit and send travel notes and photos from future time.

All contents are generated through AI based on real-world location information.


Powered by and Stable Diffusion, each trip would be like a text-based adventure for participants, but there's no fixed choice.

This is like a text adventure game based on the real world, as a future chronicle documented by all of us.

The Bot

The future map

Through public participation, the history of the journey would keep updating the future map.

This is the future earth we explored together.

Future Map

Wander's NFTs

We create (or generate) conceptual artworks based on Wander's journey. 

Share your journey on discord or twitter, then it would get chance to become art!

  • How does the AI work?
    We use as text generation model, and use Stable Diffusion for image generation, based on real photos. For tech details, please check our publications: "Travel with Wander in the Metaverse: An AI chatbot to Visit the Future Earth," 2022 IEEE 24th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP), 2022 "Wander: An AI-driven Chatbot to Visit the Future Earth". Interactive art at 30th ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MM '22)
  • Is it in English only?
    We used to have Chinese version in WeChat, with over 20000 participants. It's full now so we only have English version in Discord now.
  • Will everybody see my journey?
    The result of "Visit" command will be saved on future map, and could be public for future. But your personal input "Action" command are not saved.


- 2022 Siggraph Asia Art Galley, Daegu, Korea
- 2022 ACM Multimedia - Interactive Art, Lisbon, Portugal
- 2022 Immersive UK, Cardiff, Wales
- BBA Gallery, Berlin, German

- Baidu AI Wave Summit Conference

- Asia Digital Art Exhibition in Times Museum, Beijing, China

- Chengdu Art Biennale, China



Sun, Yuqian, et al. "Explore the Future Earth with Wander 2.0: AI Chatbot Driven By Knowledge-base Story Generation and Text-to-image Model." Extended Abstracts of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2023.

Sun, Yuqian, et al. "Travel with wander in the metaverse: An ai chatbot to visit the future earth." 2022 IEEE 24th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP). IEEE, 2022.

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